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"Al Amaal English High School Sharjah" carries all the academic curricular operations based on the syllabus designed and offered by the federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad (FBISE) Pakistan aiming to prepare the students for the Secondary School Certificate Examination (at the end of Grade 10) and the Higher Secondary School Certificate (at the end of Grade 12). The academic year starts from April and ends in March.

Medium of Instruction in Al Amaal English High School is English besides this Arabic and Urdu languages are also being taught as compulsory subjects. Special student oriented efforts are made for the development of positive attitude and healthy habits among the learners. Along with moral values, ethics and etiquettes Islamic studies (Islamiat) is being taught to develop the rational sense of monotheism among them.

Successful completion of this curriculum till Grade 12 makes the students eligible to go for higher education in any university. Moreover they become eligible to find placements in technical, medical, professional, engineering and general courses in Pakistan and all over the world.

Curriculum Guides
The school is divided into five separate sections these are:

  • The Pre-Primary Section accommodates KG-1 and KG-2.
  • Primary Section accommodates Grade-1 to Grade-5.
  • Middle Section accommodates Grade-6 to Grade-8.
  • Secondary Section accommodates Grade-9 and Grade-10.

The Pre-Primary Section welcomes the children in a new world of learning and adventure. A team of well trained professional teachers introduce them to the world of Education through the medium of play and lays the foundations for acquiring fundamental skills in literacy and numeracy.

In Primary and Middle Section students are adorned with the wealth of knowledge following the pre designed syllabus for each subject. The subjects are Urdu, English, Maths, Science, Islamiat, Social Studies, Arabic, Computer Studies.

In Secondary and Higher Secondary Section pupils follow the well planned curriculum of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad. Books of different scholars and writers are being taught at different stages of their academic sessions according to their areas of study like Humanities, Commerce, Pre-engineering, Computer Science and Pre-medical.

Al Amaal English High School has developed a student centered mechanism to complete the syllabus annually without making it a burden for the students. We have term system in our school. Our Academic session starts in April and ends in March. Academic session is divided into two terms Mid Term and Final term.

Syllabus is divided into six units for each academic year. Schedule for each unit, monthly tests and term exams follows as under:

Month wise Distribution of Units and Schedule of Monthly Tests & Term Examinations
Unit:1  1st  April to 9th May
Monthly Test:1 10th May to 17th May
UNIT:2 10th May to 7th June
Revision 7th June to 11th June
First Term Exam 12th June to 21st June
UNIT:3 24th June to 10th October
Monthtly Test No. 2 11th October to 17th October
UNIT:4 11th October to 10th November
Revision 11th November to 19th November
Second Term Exam  20th  November to 29th November
UNIT:5 30th November to 17th January
Monthly Test:3 20th  January to 24th January
UNIT:6 20th January to 20th February
Revision for Annual Examination

21st  February to 25th February   

Annual Examination 1st March (According to Minisistry of Education)
(Subject to the date set by the Ministry of Education)
Note: All the above mentioned dates are tentative. Changes can occur according to the times or if directed by the Ministry of Education Sharjah and FIBSE

Our process of evaluation and examination encourages and enforces the students to improve in their studies and overall bevahiour throughout the session. Each subject in all three monthly tests carries total 100 marks. 10% of total numbers obtained by students in monthly tests is being included in annual results, while 20 % of the total marks from First term, 20% from Second Term and 50% from final Term Examination is accredited in the accumulation of the annual final results. Students should obtain 35 to 50% (according to the subject)marks out of the total marks in each subject to be promoted to the next grade.

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