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School Policy

Attendance and School Working Hours: The timing for Morning shift is 7:50 am to 1:00 pm and Afternoon shift is 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm and students must come to the school on time to attend the assembly. Parents are advised not to drop/pick up children to or from school long before/after the scheduled school timing, make sure that child has entered the school premises while dropping him/her to school. School will not be responsible if you drop him/her outside the school premises. No visitors are allowed to meet any student during school hours without written permission from the school office. In case of any holidays, school will notify the parents through circular.


Checking in/out of School: A student who is late or needs to leave the school during school hours must report to the Supervisor office. A student may not be allowed to go out unless permission is given in writing by the Principal/Supervisors.


Excuses from Physical Education: Any student who is unable to participate in physical education must bring note from parents explaining the cause of excuse.


Absences: Minimum attendance required by a student is 80% in each term. It is compulsory to submit leave application if child remains absent from school. Medical leave will be granted only on the basis of a medical certificate issued and attested by a Government hospital.

School Transport: The school expects a high standard of conduct and behaviour from its students even outside the school premises and in the school buses.
• The students will be picked up and dropped from the allotted point only.
• Students should reach to the pickup point five minutes earlier from the given time.
• Bus drivers are not permitted to drop students on any other point which is not allotted.
• The bus facility will be cancelled under the following circumstances:
1) Damaging the school bus.
2) Distracting the driver's attention by fighting, screaming and jumping in the bus.
3) Coming late to school bus pickup point even after the third warning.
4) Misconduct and misbehaviour with the staff and students in the bus.

Medicine and Drugs: The use of non prescribed or illegal medicine and drugs are strictly prohibited in school. Any students who possess these will be subject to expulsion. Students who bring prescribed medicine for their own use should notify the school and leave the medication in the clinic.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices: It is strictly prohibited to bring mobile phone or its accessories, CD's, MP3 devices, electronic games and similar equipments. In case these items are found after second warning, will be impounding.

Dress and Grooming: Students should come to school in clean, proper and complete uniform and should maintain the neatness until they leave the school (Uniforms are readily available at the school store). Watch, belt and shoes worn to school by a child should be simple and according to the school uniform. Vest should be plain white. Printed and colourful vests are not allowed. Students must avoid wearing gold jewellery. Personal cleanliness and hygiene is expected. Any kind of fashion especially application of gel on the hair is strictly prohibited. Washed and proper soldier hair cut is must for the boys. Shabby and uncombed hair will not be tolerated. Girls are not permitted to grow their nails long or paint them.

Lost Materials: Students must take care of their possessions. The school is not responsible for the books, money, clothes and other articles that are lost. Students are not allowed to carry unnecessary cash in their wallets.

Respect for School Property: Any damages caused by students to school property may result in fines payable by students concerned for repair or replacement of damaged items and strict disciplinary action may be taken.

Suspension and Expulsion Policy: Certain offenses and violation of school rules are considered serious enough to merit in-house suspension or expulsion.

• If a student is found guilty of serious misconduct or violation of school rules will be subject to dismissal from school.
• There may be cases when the School Principal judge and give the student a second chance but a 3rd violation by the same student may lead to expulsion.
• Students will be rusticated from the school if they are found involved in any kind of immoral activities.
• The name of the student will be struck off form the register in case of continuous absence for 20 days without any written information.
• A student expelled from the school shall not be re-admitted.


Any misconduct or offence by a student against another student may lead to in-house suspension.
Any damage to the school property or school bus or misbehaviour with teachers give the student suspension for days or weeks depend on the circumstances and degree of violation.
During in-house suspension, a student will not participate in activities and sports, but will work on academic assignment and tests.
With the use of suspension, the school is drawing attention to the seriousness of a situation in hope that the students will improve themselves before dismissal from the school becomes necessary.

Tuition Payments: School fees are to be paid in advance on yearly, quarterly or monthly before 10th of every month. After 20th of each month a fine of Dhs. 5.00 will be charged daily up to the end of the month. If the dues are not cleared student name will be struck off the school register. Bus fare if using, is to be paid in advance on or before 10th of every month. In order to discontinue the bus service for a child, the parents shall inform the institution in written by 30th of preceding month. Payment Option is cash or cheque (returned cheque fees is Dhs. 100.00 to be paid as a fine).

Discipline and Conduct: Each student must follow the rules of discipline and conduct:
• Running, playing and shouting inside the school building is forbidden. Perfect silence must be observed while changing classes for language and other subjects.
• It is necessary to speak in English within the school premises.
• Student will be rusticated from the school if they are found involved in any kind of immoral activities.
• All students are responsible to the school authorities for their behaviour, both in and outside the school. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct on the part of the students shall render them liable for disciplinary action.
• Disrespect for and disobedience to superiors and teacher using abusing and obscene words and habits or behaviour considered by the school authorities as objectionable in a student, will render the student liable for disciplinary action.
• Every student should endeavour to keep up the high standard and good name of the school by excelling in refined manner and behaviour.
• Any harmful thing like sharp edge tools e.g., knives, scissors etc. are strictly prohibited in school.

Note: Disciplinary action can be in the form of imposing fine up to rustication from the school.

School Trips: School is arranging recreational and educational trips under the supervision of teachers and supervisors. Students should follow the instructions given to them in the form of circular before every trip.


Examination Policy: Test will not be taken out of schedule if missed unless otherwise medical certificate is submitted. Any exam will not be taken before the schedule. (More information regarding examination can be obtained from school website on curriculum page).

Library Policy: Students should maintain discipline and silence in the library and respect and follow the instruction given by the library teacher. Any damage caused by the students to the library furniture or books would result in fine.

Use of Computers and Science Laboratories: The school has well equipped Computers and Science labs. Students must not enter the labs without permission. Avoid unnecessary activities in the lab like shouting, running, playing etc. Student should at all time respect and follow instruction provided by the laboratory staff. Any damage in the lab, even accidental, should be reported to the lab teacher. The student will be fined for any damage caused by him/her.

Message to Parents: All parents should check the school dairy of their children regularly for homework and other communication from the school. Contact the school at regular intervals to know about child's progress. Check child's personal hygiene and cleanliness.
Parents must give healthy, nourished and fresh food to their children. Hygienic condition should be maintained while packing the food in tiffin box and variety of food must be given.
In a real emergency, parents can deliver messages for their wards to the school office. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones in the school. They can call, if necessary, to their parents from school telephone with the permission of Principal/Supervisors.



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