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Message from Principal

In the name of Allah, all praise to Him. I am very pleased to welcome you to the industrious world of Al Amaal English High School Sharjah. I am proud and feel privileged to claim that this school has gained a unique distinction among the esteemed educational institutions of UAE through its phenomenal achievements in curricular and co curricular activities. We are providing quality education to the students since 1988 and producing well groomed, balanced and enlightened citizens with outstanding strength of caliber and character. Our students are achievers in every field and have made a distinct mark in their careers in today’s competitive world.

In a world where moral values are eroding fast, it is imperative that moral education should be a part of curriculum. We, at Al Amaal English High School are committed to make our students understand and respect their culture, learn Islamic values and to mould them into a good citizen. The school provides core values, high standards and the wealth of activities offered in a caring and friendly atmosphere.

I always appreciate and understand the vital role of the parents. Your co-operation, participation and support has paved us a smooth way to go on towards our goal which in excellence and prestige both in academics and practical life of our students. Al Amaal English High School welcomes you always with your valuable criticism and encouragement. Hope you will play your part more actively.

May Allah Almighty be with us (Ameen)
Shaheen Naseer Saadi

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