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 Teacher’s attitude towards the students”



 Teachers have the opportunity to leave an indelible impression on their students’ lives. School experiences mold, shape, and, can influence how children view themselves inside and outside of school. These school memories have the potential to last a lifetime in students’ minds and can play a consequential role with  present and  future decisions. It does not take long  for students to realize that teachers make the difference between a long and boring school year and  an exciting and challenging year.

The effective attitudes and actions employed by teachers ultimately can make a positive difference on the lives of their students, and this belief will serve as the central focus of this paper. By  examining prior educational experiences, preservice teachers can  discuss what they should  or should  not do  with  a class of students. The five frequently  discussed  attitudes  are discussed below :-


First Attitude: Demonstrating Caring and Kindness:- 

The effective teachers willingly shared emotions and feelings (i.e., enthusiasm, affection, patience, sadness, disapproval) as well as a sincere interest and care about their students. Communication was also valued in their past classrooms and feelings were openly  expressed by both the children and teachers.


  Second Attitude: Sharing Responsibility :-

                 This attitude focuses on the ability of the teacher to establish a shared environment. The teacher candidates emphasized that an effective teacher must not be overly possessive or need complete control of the children and environment. It is important to allow students both responsibility and freedom within the classroom community. Comments were also shared that both the teachers and students need to contribute to the learning environment for a relationship of closeness and acceptance to develop.



   Third Attitude: Sensitively Accepting Diversity :-

               This attitude deals with empathy and the importance of understanding your students. The teacher candidates identified sensitivity, acceptance, and encouragement as critical when approaching the issues associated with the diversity of the children. The candidates found effective teachers understood their students without analyzing or judging. One group shared the comment that teachers have the ability to make each child feel special by verbally sharing individual compliments in front of the class. Another group discussed a teacher who kept a written record of how many times she talked and listened to each child and how that made students feel valued and important.


  Fourth Attitude: Fostering Individualized Instruction :-

            This attitude discusses the ability to provide meaningful learning opportunities for all students. The teacher candidates appreciated teachers who helped them succeed with their learning experiences. Particular groups felt strongly that effective teachers believe every child can and will learn. Their teachers did not point out weakness, but instead stressed individual strengths and talents. The pre-service teachers credited their teachers for encouraging positive self-confidence and self- esteem.



Fifth Attitude: Encouraging Creativity :- 

               This attitude stresses the importance of stimulating the students’ creativity. Teacher candidates talked about teachers who listened to their ideas and suggestions for lessons and activities. The effective teachers were open to students’ ways of being imaginative and also utilized many approaches to learning. The students appreciated and were personally motivated when teachers designed lessons that considered their interests, skills, and needs.



(Miss Uzma Fatehullah)

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