Live in Present

Live in Present



Trust no future, how ever pleasant,

Let the dead past bury its dead,

Act, act in the living present

Heart within and God overhead.”


            We generally live in the past and the future. We are always looking backward to the past, or forward to the future. ‘This distance that lends enchantment to the view. The present, we think, is accursed, while the past was glorious and the future will be golden. The past seems to be a appareled in romantic brightness, and the future presents to us a rosy picture as compared with the present which appears dull and monotonous. We think that life was happier in the past and that it will be pleasanter and more romantic in the future than it is today. This looking forward to the future keeps us perpetually discontented and unhappy. Shelley says:


“We look before and after,

And pine for what is not.”


            We think of the bliss of a friend’s love, of the days of mirth and enjoyment and prosperity we had in the past. But we forget that the past is past, is dead, irrevocably dead and that no amount of worry or cogitation can call it back. The future is always bright. The sunshine of hope makes of radiant. We have charming visions of it; we build castles in the air and live in a fool’s paradise. We forget all the time that the charms and visions of the future are like a mirage that goes on retreating into distance as the man goes on advancing.

             It is, therefore, necessary to live in the present which is real to us, to face the frowns of life, overcome its hard knocks, and act with a resolute will. We should not trust the future however pleasant it may be, for the poor gifts of the present are much better than the rosy dreams of the future. It is the present alone that carries us to success not vain regrets for the neither past nor bright hopes for the future. We must put away the glories of the past and the rosy visions of the future, and plunge into the hard struggle of life. If we have faith in ourselves our efforts are sure to be crowned with success. We should always trust in God to do the right, and remember that


“The heights by great men reached and kept

Were not attained by sudden flight

But they, while their companions slept,

Were toiling upwards in the night.”



(Mr. Mukhtiar Ali Bhatti)



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