Purpose of Education

Purpose of Education

 There is a famous saying that knowledge is light which leads to the path of truth and the Truth is Almighty Allah alone. In every sect and religion a great emphasis has been put upon acquisition of the knowledge.

It is not enough that one should acquire a certain amount of books learning in order to be called an educated person. It would be a burden for the person concerned to carry the load of learning on his head, if he has not benefited from the learning. It would be good, to quote a well known person saying;

Like a donkey carrying a whole library of books on his back. What does the poor creature know whether it is carrying the choicest thoughts of the great writers or merely a few bundles of faggots? So it is with a person who has not been educated in the true sense.

Education to be really beneficial must reach the deepest core of human nature and affect it so that the person becomes a better human being. Education should influence a person mentally, orally as well as physically. It is the aim of education to train the mental faultiness of the student. So as to bring out his latent qualities and abilities. For the aim of education is not merely to pout readymade material into the heads of the students but to make them think for themselves and to discover new things. Education also aims at forming the character of the students. Qualities like Justice, Truth, Honesty, Generosity, Self-sacrifice and fellow-feeling are cultivated in the students by true education. A system of education which neglects these aspects of the development of students is no education at all. Such institutions which neglect the mental and moral development of the students are mere manufactories of half-baked scholars, who come out with load of book-learning from which they have received little benefit.

This is not only in the training of school-boys and school-girls but also of University graduates of great importance.

If there is a person who is well qualified as doctor or lawyer but he is not an educated man in the true sense, will prove himself to be a positively harmful member of society. Such a doctor or lawyer will not any scruples, he will not hesitate doing a wrong thing for his personal gain. How much harm can such a person do? In fact he will be more dangerous than an entirely uneducated man because being an educated man he has immense power to do good but he will only use his powers for doing harm. The sense is true for all other professions-lawyers, teachers, engineers, traders and so on. If they are well educated, they will not only be good lawyers, good teachers and good doctors but also good citizens, that is the true aim and purpose of education. Education aims developing the personality of an individual from all angles.

A large number of us claim to be educated but we are not educated till our hearts are getting softer, our minds firmer and till our spirits become ennobled.

Mr. Mahboob Ali

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