My Idea of Happy Life

My Idea of Happy Life


Idea of happiness totally depends upon what a person has. If a person does not have wealth, he would think happiness lies in possessing wealth. Another would find happiness in meditation and still others in gossiping. It is wrong to think that one can get happiness by labouring for it. It comes as naturally and as refreshingly as the morning air.
I think one can get happiness by enjoying the work in hand. If a person keeps himself mentally busy and remains satisfied, he can remain happy. Our high hopes and soaring ambitions often make us unhappy.
If a person thinks that every moment is to be enjoyed like every drop of hot tea in the cup. He will definitely be happy. This type of satisfaction exclude envoy and jealously. One should remain satisfied with what he has. The habit of comparing and contrasting what others are leaves a sorrowful heart.
One can enjoy while watching the birds, kicking his heels upon the ground, catching butterflies or looking vacantly at beauties of nature. In fact one should enjoy every movement like the most important one.
Happiness is a state not a possession. It is product of imagination not labour. It is to be enjoyed through spirit not senses. Hankering after worldly things and desires make us unhappy and unsatisfied.
Similarly life should not be the ultimate aim of living. Being a Muslim it is our preparation for the next life also.
Happiness cannot be monopolised by saints. It cannot be the special right of the wealthy people. It is not meant only for a child.
Happiness can be enjoyed by a common man. It is around us we have to discover it. A man should tune himself up for it and he will get it.

 (Mrs. Nayyar Israr)

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