Will Power

Will Power

It is no secret that life can full of difficulties worries tension and trouble sometimes when things go wrong, it seems almost impossible to be patient. It is your "will power" that make you cool and calm.
"Will Power" is the ability to controls unnecessary and harmful impulses. It is ability to overcome laziness and procrastination. It is the ability to arrive at a decision and follow it with perseverance until its successful accomplishment. It is the inner power that overcomes the desire to indulge in unnecessary and useless habits.
"WILLPOWER" helps us to choose our behaviour and reaction instead of being selves. In our life many times we feel weak lazy or shy to do some work, but we have to use inner strength to take initiative to make decision and follow them. We have to be strong brave and willing to develop this habit.
As I discussed that willpower is something like "resistance" to resist and oppose you. There are a fewer examples of daily life.
If you r sitting in bus or train an old man walks in, you stand up and give him your seat even if you prefer to stay seated. You will do this not because it is a courteous way to deal, but because you are doing something that you are reluctant to do. In this way you are overcoming the resistance of your body, mind and feeling.
Willpower should be practiced from the childhood; young students can bring revolutionary change in their life if they make positive use of their "willpower".
When you go home and you have to do a lot of your homework. Now you went to sit before T.V or on Computer. Do not obey your desire but go and have a shower and start your work.

Here are some other techniques to make your "will power" strong:
1): If you went to take an apple juice, do not take at the moment but do drink at any time.
2): Overcome your laziness and habits by convincing yourself of the importance of what is to be done.
3): There are a lot of clothes to press and you feel tired and postpone ironing them. Get up quickly irons them now. Do not let your laziness overcome you.
4): You want to read a story in news papered o not read for a week.
While you doing above mention things always keep in mind that this way you are overcoming the resistance of your body mind and feelings. Except it is important to remember not to choose exercise that might adversely affect your body or health. Deny and give up what is futile. Always use your reason and common séances that no damage to yourself. The here to develop inner strength, not make life difficult for you.

 (Mr. Mehran Shareef)



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