Run For Your Life
Run for your life
Visit any park or stop by any jogging track and you are sure to spot a large number of people running, jogging or walking. Running is something which is so easy for anybody and is an affordable exercise option. It is a goal –orientated form of exercise and people can measure their progress using time, distance or other cardiovascular tools.
The fact that it has so many benefits – it helps to focus mind and release day to day stresses, running increases muscular strength; improves bone and cartilage tissue strength; improves cardiovascular function and aids in weight loss – make it an attractive exercise option for people, but before you lace up your running shoes and take off for a round around the park, it is important to keep a few points in mind.
All runners should get a clean chit from their health professional before hitting the track. For many health conditions, running is of great benefit but it is important to be screened for safe participation, be aware of the level of exercise you are being introduced to and what the intended effect will be.
If you are looking for health benefits run at a moderate intensity for approximately 30 to 45 minutes three to four times per week. There are a few gadgets available in the market which can help a runner monitor various body functions. It is important that people start slowly and increase progressively rather than start at high intensities and make little or no progression.
(Mrs. Afsheen Faheem)
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