Islam Places Teaching on...

Islam places teaching on highest rank of nobility

 The teaching profession is considered in Islam to be on the highest rank of nobility, as teachers are responsible in imparting knowledge and education to those around them. The teaching profession is not only a responsibility but also a task that is as important as the Prophets' duties in providing information, education and guidance to all mankind towards a harmonious life and afterlife.

While teachers are striving towards the 21st century teaching professionalism, the Islamic perspective on teachers and teaching should not be ignored as both should be in parallel in building an Islamic educational institution.

Teachers are individuals who hold immense responsibility in being role models, motivators and generators of this generation and the generations to come.

"Knowledge is the key to everything and Islam is a religion that sets knowledge in the highest position. Muslim scholars stress the importance of knowledge and learning and regard both as worthy to be brought up in any discussion."

Al-Quran, as the sole and pure foundation for Muslims, also states knowledge and learning as obligatory for every Muslim individual.

Knowledge is a prerequisite to be acquired to conduct good deeds. "Without knowledge and learning, life practices are unguided and could lead to self-destruction. Teachers in particular must be aware of this by giving more emphasis towards learning." "Learning should not be considered a burden because knowledge and learning are essential and invaluable, and should be continued until the end of your life,"

Well-established knowledge, .intellectual practices and. being noble are the three main concepts that will guarantee success in life.

        Mrs. Nargis Rahim


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