How To Become A Good Reader

How to Become A Good Reader

What is Reading?

Reading is multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency and motivation. Helping a child learn to read is a gift that will last a life time. For a child to become a good reader, takes a partnership that begins at home and continues at school.

Here you will find some tips and information to help children build the foundation to learn to read.

What Parents can do?

Parents can prepare their child to read by sharing their time, talking about the world around us, telling and reading stories and asking and answering questions.

What Teachers can do?

Literacy experience in the first three years in pre-school and in primary grades is very important for child. Teacher can play an important part and a main role to build the foundation of reading in student. Some tips are:

  • v Share books with children.
  • v Talk about alphabets by name and sound.
  • v Establish a literacy rich environment.
  • v Re read favourite stories.
  • v Engage children in language games.
  • v Promote literacy related play activities.
  • v Visit the library regularly.



(Mrs. Farah Naveed)


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