The best security lies in sound..

The best security lies in sound education

Without any iota of hyperbole, it is a decided fact that life, a natural medley of glooms and glees, does not have smooth and even grounds for a man to run. There come umpteen zigzags in human life which speak volumes for incorrigible black and bright sides of life, a man is bound to pass through. Life is not only a bed of roses but also a bed of thorns. Frankly speaking ,life without knowledge and enlightenment is so horrendously dreadful that it, with its fluctuating series of black vices i.e. bribery, jobbery, snobbery, corruption, crime, nepotism, smuggling, black-marketing, theft, aggression, transgression, terrorism, pessimism, materialism, utilitarianism,  barbarianism, narrow-mindedness, voraciousness ,poverty and adversity, clings to a man like blood-sucking leeches  so tightly that he does not seem to have an easy slip and slide from the above-cited nemesis. it would be both pertinent and relevant to point out that it is nothing but education with its glowing and glaring shades and colours, stands uppermost to provide the two legged biped with a calm and cozy cocoon of security and protection against all those inescapable predicaments what have been posing a constant but permanent threat to him.

In the above mentioned article, I have the prestigious privilege to attach immensely significant importance to the education and enlightenment with its ample requisite walks. Here, a particular question crops up  why a man ,right from the beginning down to today, has been feeling himself unsecured and unprotected physically as well as mentally and socially as well as economically. why don't his dreams come true what he earnestly cherishes? why can't he feast his curious eyes which get dead tired after long waiting? why can't he get that for what he does the long day labour? Consequently, he gets sad and hopeless and starts blaming his fate what is not fair. Actually, all this is due to the want and non-availability of education .we can also get rid of all the above-cited vices unscathed by giving our children the best education. This is an acknowledge fact that it is the sole education in which the solution of our all tantalizing problems exists.

The importance of education can be had if we cast a cursory glance at the under developing countries where superstition, conservatism, conventionalism and illiteracy reign supreme where the children still today drink contaminated water and eat decayed food.  It is much too regret to tell here that there are also such sort of regions on the face of earth where open air toilets are still rampant and where the standard of education is so poorly low that we are extremely sorry to find a pack of faults with the people's bearings, personalities, characters, attitudes, beheaviours, manners, decorum, caste, creed, clime, and etiquette. The people also right today, move heaven and earth and even turn their blood into water in order to fill the tummies of their babies. They leave no stone unturned with the definite purpose to bring about a radical wave of change for the betterment, prosperity and amelioration of their offspring.

Here, it is but must to remind that the pivotal and vital role of the growing ups, is making the right choices that benefit you and shield your future. The notion directly leads to the attainment of education so that you can choose a career, reach your goals, have cheerful hopes, sweet dreams and well-poised life with good designs of securing yourself in store. How much would it be embarrassing if someone raises finger against your character, laughs at your follies, calls you a nincompoop, and considers you a pig headed and good-for-nothing? Certainly, one can't and shouldn't stand all these poisonous slaps and strokes. Everyone is bound to try one's utmost to safeguard oneself by every yard-stick. The sole and single way to wriggle oneself out of this chaotic abyss is the extravagantly lavish propagation of education from man to man, nation to nation, generation to generation because it is undoubtedly the light of the education in which the security of our present, past and future shines.                

                                                      (Mr. Sadaqat Ali)

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