The best security lies in sound..

The best security lies in sound education

Without any iota of hyperbole, it is a decided fact that life, a natural medley of glooms and glees, does not have smooth and even grounds for a man to run. There come umpteen zigzags in human life which speak volumes for incorrigible black and bright sides of life, a man is bound to pass through. Life is not only a bed of roses but also a bed of thorns. Frankly speaking ,life without knowledge and enlightenment is so horrendously dreadful that it, with its fluctuating series of black vices i.e. bribery, jobbery, snobbery, corruption, crime, nepotism, smuggling, black-marketing, theft, aggression, transgression, terrorism, pessimism, materialism, utilitarianism,  barbarianism, narrow-mindedness, voraciousness ,poverty and adversity, clings to a man like blood-sucking leeches  so tightly that he does not seem to have an easy slip and slide from the above-cited nemesis. it would be both pertinent and relevant to point out that it is nothing but education with its glowing and glaring shades and colours, stands uppermost to provide the two legged biped with a calm and cozy cocoon of security and protection against all those inescapable predicaments what have been posing a constant but permanent threat to him.

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