Information Technology in Education

Information Technology in Education

Life is constantly changing and so our ways of doing things at home, work and school are also changing. Information Technology has played a major role in these changes. Like internet, E-mail, online talking software, on-line classes, online library and computers have significant impact on our lives, and these can enhance the learning process in schools in different ways. Through Information technology teachers can use different tools like multimedia, software, applications and devices to create more exciting, interactive lessons. The conventional lecture-based lesson sometime cannot motivate every type of learner. Use of different technology by teachers in their classes can support and enhance student's learning. Moreover, teachers can learn latest ways of teaching which can benefit the students and helps them to know the current changes and innovation in the field of education. On the other hand information technology has also played an important role in students lives. In this digital age students have exposure to a variety of media which is impacting their way of interact and learning. Through computers and different software, students can explore and collect information which can enhance their learning. Some projects and assignments need lots of research and through these technologies it is easier for students to do their task effectively and on time. Also through online library students can get plenty of data and no need to carry heavy books all the time. Online study is very accessible to all students of the world through which they can get their degrees. Online classes, which employ file transfers, chat rooms, and message boards, facilitate students' interactions to maximize their learning experiences. Another benefit of this is that students can maintain a flexible education schedule along with their jobs.                 

In conclusion the introduction of  information technology devices early in education allow students to have greater access to information, an eager motivation to learn, a jump-start on marketable job skills and an enhanced quality of class work. In order to use technology effectively, training needs to be done to ensure that teachers have a good understanding of it. Technology is used to enhance learning; therefore it is important for teachers to be comfortable using it to ensure that students get the full advantages of educational technology. This usage helps to create a nation which is educated and successful.

 (Mrs. Mehar Nigar)

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