Importance of Science Education...

Importance Of Science Education As A School Subject

Science, as a subject is universal and knows no boundaries. Now, supremacy of science has been established in every field. In fact, so great is its importance for man and society that the present day people live in an "age of science". "Science teaches what evidence is, what proof is.

Science should form an essential part of the curriculum as it is the only subject which affords knowledge of certain facts and laws and helps in achieving the main object of education."

The following are the arguments in favor of General Science to be placed in School Curriculum:

  • 1. Science provides unique training in observation and reasoning. Science students reason from definitely ascertained facts and form clear concepts. It makes one systematic and enables them to form an objective judgment.
  • 2. The discoveries have added to the prosperity of human race with vast increase of knowledge. Science learning is incomparably more useful for our guidance in life. Other chief subjects too provide an intellectual training not inferior to that of Science. Practically, we live in a world of scientific discoveries. So science education cannot be neglected.
  • 3. Prof. H.E. Armstrong says that Science is taught to provide training in and knowledge of Scientific method, which is useful in the life pursuits. So this needs a School base of Science education.
  • 4. Science has its cultural value. It has a literature of its own. The Scientific discoveries of Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Darwin, Pasteur, Kelvin, Bose, Armstrong and others are treasures of mankind. So, Science has won the first rank of humanistic studies.
  • 5. Science has utilitarian value. It trains child to use his leisure properly. These are clearly illustrated in scientific hobbies.
  • 6. Modern knowledge of Science provides great intellectual pleasure. An educated person is under very great disadvantage if he is not familiar with that knowledge.
  • 7. Knowledge of the methods of observation and experiment in the different branches of Science helps pupils to develop a logical mind, a critical judgment and a capacity for methodical organization.
  • 8. Science is useful in that it remedies some of the defects of the ordinary school education. It is found to be the most valuable element in the education of those who show special aptitude. Science provides discipline of mind.

 (Mrs. Sumaira Shahzadi)

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