Dealing with Difficult Students


Dealing with Difficult students


If you're like most teachers, two or three students take up most of your time. On the days when they're absent, or pulled from your class, everything goes smoothly. Teaching is more fun. You're more relaxed. And you can cruise through your lessons without interruption. Hooray!

But when they're sitting in class, which seems like all the time, they can make you want to pull your hair out. Unfortunately, the frustrations you feel dealing with difficult students can cause you to make mistakes. The following is a list of 7 rules-all don'ts-that will help you avoid the most common pitfalls, and turn your most difficult students into valued members of your classroom.


Rule #1: Don't question.

Rule #2: Don't argue.

Rule #3: Don't lecture, scold, or yell.

Rule #4: Don't give false praise.

Rule #5: Don't hold a grudge.

Rule #6: Don't lose your cool.

Rule #7: Don't ignore misbehavior.


It's About Relationships


What if the two or three (or more) difficult students in your classroom admired you? What if they looked up to you, respected you, trusted you, and liked being in your COMPANY?  What if they embraced whatever you had to say to them? Your success in helping them change their behavior would go through the roof, and you'd have peace in your classroom. The fact is, everything hinges on your ability to build relationships with your students. Your classroom MANAGEMENT plan merely nudges them in the right direction. Done correctly, it gets students to look inward, to self-evaluate, and to feel the weight of their transgressions. But by itself, it can only do so much. It's your relationship with your students that makes the greatest difference. When you build trusting rapport with them, which anyone can do, you then possess a tidal wave of INFLUENCE that can change their behavior, improve their academic performance, and profoundly impact their lives.



(Mrs Alia Kanwal)



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