Importance of Education

Importance of Education


Education is the process of learning and knowing, which is not restricted to our school text books. An educated person has the ability to change the world.

 What is the Significance of Education?

 It makes us better citizens:

 Education makes a worthy contribution to our lives by making us responsible citizens. We get to know our history and culture and can imbibe those values. Education opens our mind and enables......

 us to understand our duties as a citizen and encourages us to follow them. We cannot deny the fact that an educated person is a better citizen.

 It ensures a good future:
Education ensures a secure future. Our productivity is increased by acquiring new skills and talents, we find ourselves in the most competitive fields; all thanks to education. The importance of education is evident by the soaring heights we achieve in life.

It spread awareness:
Lack of awareness is lamented everywhere. Education spreads awareness, informing us about our rights and the services that we can access. It teaches us to differentiate between right and wrong.
It boosts our confidence:
An education is a confident person. It gives us a positive outlook and allows us to believe in ourselves and to take on the world.

It helps in decision making:

 Decision making is an integral part of our life. We have to take decision throughout our lives and sometimes it can be a tough and challenging process. It leaves us confused and at times wonder what is the right choice. Education is significant because it allows us to take the right decision and prevent losses. 

Therefore I believe "EDUCATION" is a must for every human being to lead a better life.

(by Mrs. Lolita Kar)

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