Q.1 How is Al Amaal School different from other school?

Al Amaal School is serving the community since 1988, being a well experienced and reputed school, we are differen from others because we are focusing much on child personality development beside quality education.  


Q.2 Is my child safe and secure in Al Amaal School?

Yes, safety and security of children is one of our main responsibilities. We have adopted all possible means to provide a safe environment.


Q.3 Can my child use computer in the school?

Yes, all the classes have special period for computer. They are using computer in the Lab.


Q.4 Is there any extracurricular activities plan set for the students?

Yes, we are organizing studet's activity week every year and sports activities and outdoor trips during the academic year. (click "About Us" for details)


Q.5 From where can I get books and school uniform for my child?

You can get all the books, note books and school uniform, for all the grades, from the school.


Q.6 Is school uniform available outside in market?

As the school uniform is specially designed with good quality of cloth and perfect stitching, and colour, you cannot get this standard from outside.


Q.7 Do I have to pay tution fee for summer vacation and any other charges during the academic year?

No, we are taking tution fee in 10 months and no other charges are asked during the academic year.


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